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St. Patrick's Preschool in St. Just Desvern Barcelona. Early learning development in English for children ages 0-3 years old.

N1 and N2 are learning Chinese with great success.

We have a Psychologist specialized on Early Learnings at school. 

NEW swimming activity at PENGUINS.

Suzuki lessons. This year we are learning to play the Cello.

Timetable 7.45am to 18.00pm


Innovadoras actividades extraescolares en inglés para todas las edades: Yoga, Playing in English, Music Together

Resolució d'aprovació del Departament d'Ensenyament


St.Patrick's Preschool

Carrer Constitució 2
St. Just Desvern
08960 - Barcelona
tf: 697703505

Motivation and Personalisation


St. Patrick's Preschool ensures a happy and secure environment for your child by developing a more self-confident and mature side to his/her character on a daily basis. Personal and social issues are spoken about and dealt with to make sure children learn to feel sympathetic and be respectful towards others.

Positive motivation is the basis of learning and achieving success. Children at St. Patrick's Preschool are encouraged to enjoy learning and reflect on mistakes.

Each child's development is closely followed by the teachers and our psychologist. Children show unique individual abilities, capacities and interests that must be respected and encouraged to develop. St. Patrick's Preschool works to realise each individual's potential, by helping to develop his or her multiple intelligences.

Creativity and Initiative

"During the early stages of its development, our brain undergoes a process called by the cognitive scientists as 'neuronal pruning'. Consequently, huge natural abilities we are born with form and shape, expand or limit, through a process of constant interaction between internal biological processes and our real world experiences."  Sir Ken Robinson.

Why limit our children?. St. Patrick's Preschool works to increase every child's capacities by developing their creativity and initiative.

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