Starting date School Year 2017-2018 1st September 2017

Psychologist specialized on Early Learnings at school. 

NEW swimming activity at PENGUINS.

Suzuki Method lessons are a great success

St. Patrick's Preschool in St. Just Desvern Barcelona. Early learning development in English for children ages 0-3 years old.

Timetable 7.00am to 18.30


Innovadoras actividades extraescolares en inglés para todas las edades: Yoga, Playing in English, Music Together

Resolució d'aprovació del Departament d'Ensenyament


St.Patrick's Preschool

Carrer Constitució 2
St. Just Desvern
08960 - Barcelona
tf: 697703505

N1 and N2 are learning Chinese at St. Patrick's!

Nutrition and Health

St. Patrick's Preschool takes care to protect our children and teachers health.

Ecological food


St. Patrick's Preschool offers organic food cooked and served at school. Your children will benefit from meals prepared with no synthetic pesticides, hormones, irradiation, industrial solvents or chemical additives.

 We weekly receive the fruit and veggies from St. Just Desvern's market and the meat from "Mercat Galvany" in Barcelona.

We have no sugar and little salt, brown bread and yogurts from "La Fageda" in Girona.

A Pediatrician at school




St. Patrick's Preschool has access to a Pediatrician at all times.


St. Patrick’s Preschoool uses ozone generators that prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria at the same time as they clean the air in each classroom.  

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