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St. Patrick's Preschool in St. Just Desvern Barcelona. Early learning development in English for children ages 0-3 years old.

N1 and N2 are learning Chinese with great success.

We have a Psychologist specialized on Early Learnings at school. 

NEW swimming activity at PENGUINS.

Suzuki lessons. This year we are learning to play the Cello.

Timetable 7.45am to 18.00pm


Innovadoras actividades extraescolares en inglés para todas las edades: Yoga, Playing in English, Music Together

Resolució d'aprovació del Departament d'Ensenyament


St.Patrick's Preschool

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International Pedagogy

St. Patrick's Preschool has selected the best teaching programmes from across the world in order to achieve the highest results from your child's potential. 


Multilingualism has recently been proved to be immensely beneficial for a child's development. Cognitive advantages such as a better selective attention, quicker task-switching, higher capacity to monitor their own behaviour and better results when sorting tasks are some of the positive aspects of multilingualism, beyond being able to understand and communicate in English.

Social advantages can also be seen in multilingual children who are given the opportunity to share other cultures' and ways, and they become more open-minded and more inquisitive about the world around them. 

From the very beginning, babies distinguish the differences between languages. Listening to different languages activates electrical activity in their developing brains.


Multilingual Babies

Multilingual babies´ development has been studied to discover the amazing process through which infants acquire language. Babies who learn more than one language at once show enormous advantages.

By monitoring infants’ neural development, doctors have found that at first, the baby's brain is a clean slate –newborns can differentiate all sounds in all languages.  

By the time they are six months old, however,  most babies respond only to the sounds they hear repeatedly from parents and others, usually in just one language.

If babies listen to several languages it turns out the baby responds to both, but each one is processed by a different part of the brain.

The baby's brain is mapping two or three different sets of circuitry, a set for each language. Studies show that the ability to switch from one brain section to another actually allows some babies to perform certain tasks better; a mental ability activated by multilingual immersion.



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